Guitar Freak Workstation discontinued – meet Guitar SightReader Toolbox!

Guitar SightReader Toolbox is everything that GFW wanted to be. It took 4 years and a new programming language. It’s not an upgrade – but it costs less than GFW  ($79.95)!  It’s not only available for Windows, but also for Mac!
It also has a new website here at

The only Sight-reading software for guitarists and bass players on the internet

I’m talking about SightReader Master Extreme. It works so well because it is totally tailored to your individual needs!

It was quickly during my university studies of Jazz that I realized that it wasn’t the notes I had trouble with finding – or the rhythms easy to count – it was doing them both together!
I thought of a wish-list with these things.

  • A selection of notes on the fretboard with a display to show on the sight-reading window which notes were selected and what their names were.
  • An option for beginners to see the names of the notes as they passed
  • A easy way to change the tempo in realtime
  • Any choice of rhythms to choose from (every combination up to 16th notes)
  • Bar-splitting for 4-4 halfway through the bar
  • Any key signature and every scale to select
  • 3/4 or 4/4 times-signatures
  • Create and load a selection of chord shapes to appear in the music
  • Real Music with bars, notes, rests, staves – lots of hard work.
  • It has to make the gained skills passable to real sheet music (that’s purposefully why there is no midi input)
  • It must play the notes so that the player can make sure they’re playing the right notes at the right tempo
  • It has to really work.

This is what SightReader Master Extreme does (There’s a few more things as well).

User frequently tell me how these has made them pass their SightReading exams, opened up the world of music beyond tablature and get to know their fretboard.
Heck – I started making these because I wanted to use it!

Take it for a test drive. Download Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader Master Extreme.
If you don’t want to have access to the progression trainer, Invertor, theory trainer, ability trainer and transcriber, just register the SightReader master side only ($60).
You can always upgrade later for the extra ($35).
Turn your Windows computer into your sight-reading trainer today!

Drop 2 chords – make any chord you want!

Download the PDF here

Lessons Available now in Wrocław (Lekcje w Wrocławiu!)

Hi – Sean Clancy here – I’m now living in Wrocław and I have 10 opening for students.

The lessons will be 60 pln a lesson (introductory lesson is 20PLN just so you can see that I can actually play and teach) and the lessons are 45 minutes.

We will cover these styles

Rock, Blues, Jazz, funk, shred, metal and country

Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader Master Extreme – sight-reading software for guitar and bass

It’s great that so many people have visited this page… However, it’s almost a thousand years old and you should check out the amazing “Guitar SightReader Toolbox”. Click here to go and visit that page!


I thought I’d post a few ideas about how Guitar Freak Workstation came to be – or more directly – how the sight-reading side developed.

I first went looking for guitar sight-reading software back in 2002 or so. There was absolutely zilch! I couldn’t believe that, no matter how I searched, there was nothing to be found. You see, I had a great book by the great studio guitarist Tommy Tedecoe (“For guitar players only”). He had a section on sight-reading and a few examples that covered the neck. However, I realized that after a short matter of time, I had memorized the patterns and was no longer truly sight-reading.

Well, I thought that this could be solved by some kind of software using selected notes on the fretboard chosen by the guitarist. After seeing this noticable void, I went about learning visual basic 6 and created a (fairly rude version by today’s standard) 2 stave sprite system that that showed and played 1/4 notes, with the notes being chosen by the player. I followed it up with a version for bass. These were called SightReader and Sightreader for Bass.

Well, not too long into jazz school, I realized that this didn’t cut it. Sure you can learn all the notes – and you can learn all the rhtyhms by clapping – but it’s only when you put the notes and the rhythms together you’ll run into trouble. So I spent a lot of time during my studies (more than I should have) programming such a version. My programming skills had also gotten better and I discovered photoshop! So SightReader Master was born.

After my time of studying jazz at Uni, I realized that I wanted more bars – at least 2 across and 2 below. I also thought it would be neat if the side programs which proved so useful during school and private study could be fixed up and added – truly innovated things like the invertor, which moved any shape up and down a scale so you could learn any inversion, the progression trainer – where you could create your own progressions and choose key centers so you could practice your comping, soloing or whatever over a multiple of key centers, and lots more cool tools. I was now programming in and there was a lot to learn. However, after a couple of years I released it and this is what’s on sale now. It is the best and only sight-reading software available for guitar and bass (4,5 and 6 string). No disrespect to the other little apps – but flip-cards don’t make you a sight-reader!

I realized that many players only are interested in the Sight-reading side, so that part of the software is registrable for $60, which at any time fot the $35 difference can be upgraded to the full program. I encourage you to consider the full version – as you can see 15 jazz chord voicings and cross-reference what scales fit them and see them on the fretboards, ear-training (including 4 different types of perfect pitch training), arranging worksheets and reference stuff for students, the other tools mentioned and loads more.

I know from the many cool letters I get of players who have never sight-read and started to really sight-read after 5 minutes (much to their own amazement), students who have passed sight-reading exams in flying colours after failing dismally the test before, that this siftware works. And it’ll work for you too! Download today and I’m just an email away! (
Cheers! From Wrocław, Poland (I’m an import from New Zealand!)
Sean Clancy

New version

Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader Master Extreme 6.4.0 is now available – lots of fixes (unfortunately, we had to go back to the nasty yellow microsoft confirmation box at the start).

The date is 25 July, 2012…

I’m not sure – but it seems that customers are very, very thin on the ground.  At this rate I’ll be living under a bridge very soon (and the internet really sucks there).  So, read the testimonials (It’s helped more than one person pass their sight-reading exams), and buy this software.  Remember, you can buy either the full version with all the hot tools or just the SightReader side.  It’s the very best sight-reading software for guitar and bass on the whole internet!

Also, for the curious, I’ve released by e-book “The Fledgling”.  It’s being published on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other sites.  You can check it out here!

Best regards and rock on,


64-bit/32-bit windows 7 compatible – finally!

Finally – the fix we’ve all been waiting for!

Guitar freak Workstation 6.3.0 runs on XP sp2, Windows 7 32 or 64 bit.

It was broken for a while there and  probably I missed a lot of sales – since this is the only Sight-reading trainer out there for Guitar and bass players.

There’s a bunch more tools aimed at building your over-all musicianship in the full GFW

Transcriber (Slow down tool), ability trainer (record yourself, slow to check your technique or speed up for new goals), progression player (and creator), metronome with bass player to take your exercise thru all 12 keys, invertor (to take any pattern up or down through any scale or chord), quick chords (every chord in 14 position, show every scale shape which matches the chord and vice-versa) and much more!

You can upgrade to full GFW at anytime from SightReader Master Extreme for the difference of $35

Tell your friends (it’s no joke when i tell you that you help me eat!)

Rock on friends,

Sean Clancy

New Update available – GFW with SightReader

Hi Everybody, Sean Clancy here.

I’ve had some troubles recently with Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader crashing.  This was brought to my attention by 1 user and also my computer at work.  That’s right , I actually have a real job now (I work as a copywriter at stock – my articles are there and worth a bit of a laugh)

So, I’m posting a new version 6.2.0

I linked the resource tool to a new folder on your Documents called “Guitar Freak User Files” and when you save anything with the worksheet tool, that folder will open as a save place.

I just recently got a squire Delux start. The first new guitar in 4 years! Don’t let the name squire turn you off. This guitar sounds better than most fenders, Needless to say, I scalloped all 22 frets!

Until next time,
Sean Clancy , Warsaw

Timing 101 lesson 1

Here is a lesson on getting a good sense of time.  The first audio describes the process and gives examples, what to listen for, and loads of tips.  Timing is often the arch-enemie of guitar players.  Most guitarists cannot do this exercise (and possible even some drummers!), so I’ve broken it down really simply so that you can develop a great sense of time (the difference between hacks and pros)!

Here’s the first audio which contains the tips, examples and explains how to develop the sense of rock solid time

lesson 101 timing

This 2nd audio is your practice exercise.

lesson 101 timing exercise

The e-book “Guitar Virtuosity for the Everyday Man” (only available for purchasers of the full Guitar Freak Workstation) has this explained more at length and also has a visual guide of the lesson).  This is a good audio supplement to that!

Shred of Hendrix and Yngwie on TV