Guitar Virtuosity for the Everyday Man

This 187 page manual contains all you need to need to become the guitarist you want to be!

If you are interested in any of the other e-books, then this book covers them all in full and goes further.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an seasoned player, this will contain a whole new set of tools for your guitar playing, your musicianship and your mind!

It works on both Windows and MAC!

View it on your computer as or print it out – The instructions are clearly explained.

The courses show you how Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader Master Extreme ™ can be used to make maximum use of these lessons and for people who buy Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader Master Extreme ™; this e-book comes completely free!

It’s separated into 5 lesson by lesson courses which cover a huge range of territory!

All you do is follow the lessons one by one

(and you’ll be amazed how your playing will develop!)

The courses are

  • Foundation course

  • (don’t be fooled by the title –exercise some drummers can’t even do the timing exercise)
    • Timing
    • Strumming
    • Alternate Picking made easy
    • Major Scale – apply timing exercise
    • Basic chords
    • Learning a basic song
    • How chords and scales work
  • Rhythm level 1

    • Barre Chords
    • Learning the Notes on the A and E strings
    • Learning songs by Ear
    • Writing Songs – Song forms
    • Blues structures and Rhythms
    • Working out chords for songs we may have heard but are in demand at an impromptu jam
    • A list of popular songs to learn and steal forms from
    • Guitar Virtuosity for the Everyday Man
  • Lead Level 1

    • Finger Agility
    • Laying Chord shapes for your soloing
    • The Pentatonic scale
    • Breaking out of the box shapes
    • Modes
    • Rules for soloing
  • Advanced Rhythm

    • Stylistic Rhythms
    • Jazz Chords
    • The Metronome “Practice Chords, Scales and Licks
    • Know where the 3, 5, 7 and root are.
    • Changing to make any other chord
    • About jazz progressions
    • II -V-I-VI all over the neck
    • Playing Techniques
    • Reading charts
  • Advanced Lead

    • Speed and How to get it
    • Exercises to improve speed and Learn Licks
    • Techniques
    • Sequences
    • Practice Diary
    • Advanced Timing
    • Cool Licks and how to make licks
    • Elements of the Jazz Language
    • Playing notes in the chord (moving into jazz and fusion)
    • Jazz Improvisation
    • Tips for Getting Started
    • Learning a Jazz Tune
    • Lead note experiment with Chords
    • Isolation exercise
    • Jazz Standards to Learn and put your awesome licks into!
    • List of Jazz Standards
    • Ear-training and Perfect Pitch
    • Transitioning from the Practice room to the gig
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