Joe Pass Phrases – Play Jazz Instantly, just add fingers!

This e-book is designed so that you can play 42 brilliant jazz licks instantly – even if all you know is the pentatonic scale (even the first basic shape)!

Why this book?

  • Imagine, you’ve been invited to a jazz jam – but you’ve never played it before!
  • You’re at jazz school – and you need to get some substantial jazz phrases together so your jazz vocabulary will be more expressive.
  • You’re interested in jazz – but don’t know where to start!
  • the advantage of having a prolevelguitar e-book is, if you click on the transcription, you will hear the lick play.
  • This gets rid of losing CDs, having scratched CDs etc…

All of the phrases in this book are substantial – this means that they definitely sound jazzy – not like what you’ll find in something called “101 Jazz licks for Guitar”. I’ve had those books and 1) none of the licks sounded jazzy really – maybe 1 or 2 and 2) too much information to sort through!

Each lick will have the following information:

  • Where on the beat the phrase will start – what timing subdivision will it begin with.
  • Which chord your phrase fits the best over – There will also be the degree of the chord the lick starts on and the degree of the chord it ends on.
  • The starting note is also displayed modally as well.
  • The position of the pentatonic shape the phrase is starting on.

Tip: Use Guitar Freak Workstation progression trainer to be able to play these licks anywhere on the neck!

Joe Pass Phrases – Play Jazz Instantly, just add fingers!

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