Learn to Burn: The Guitar Speed Manual

If you play guitar and don’t get this – you risk spending 3 times the money on other books that don’t contain half the useful information! Why should you want to buy it? – learn from somebody who can play at 27.73 notes a second!

Here’s what you get

  • How to play fast and clean – what will make you sound good compared to people who try and play fast but sound bad! You get the secrets that they don’t know!
  • ALL the chords you’ll ever need in 12 different voicings on the neck – the shapes those real jazz guitarists use all on only 3 pages! (This in itself is a gold mine!) and a visual representation of scales as they stretch across the neck of the guitar – all you need is a little bit of motivation!
  • Access to the downloadable instructional CD
  • Full support and added information from Pro Level Guitar.
  • Added extras, sizable text and other nicities!
  • lots more!
  • It’s $19.99 (US)!!!! for the ebook
  • There are 2 different versions – the actual book and the software version.

Click on any chord, scale or progression and it plays through your computer!

“I have purchased over $1,000 worth of “guitar secrets” in my 36 years as a player in the pursuit of excellence. Most books tend to provide too much theory when the player really wants to take a hands-on approach. Excessive theory is stressful and tends to be discouraging because it’s hard to see the benefit.I played through your material to my satisfaction in about an hour. The exercises are some of the best I have seen anywhere. The best thing about them, is that they have a rock guitar solo quality about them. Any rock guitarist could build some of these exercises into their solo and impress the crowds. There is sage advice in all your articles. I plan to instruct my son in the ways of your method, as he is a young, budding guitarist. I will continue to utilize your practice material to hone my solo skills. Keep up the good work!”

J.W. “Bill” Head

“…your book is amazing. I have been playing for years, and I have even studied with Dave Creamer who taught Satch, Vai, Holdsworth, and Becker. Your book has given me a discipline that I could never have achieved previously. You deserve the Nobel Prize…”

Fred Hill

Learn to Burn: The Guitar Speed Manual (free inside SightReader Master Extreme or Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader Master Extreme ™)

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