The ultimate sight-reading app for Guitar and Bass

New Guitar SightReader Toolbox is everything Guitar Freak Workstation wanted to be and more!

It’s official new site is

You can also download it right here – and it’s available for both Windows AND Mac

Windows – XP(sp3) – Windows 10 – download
Mac OX – Lion – El Capitan – download


Version 4.0.0 is your initial download.  After that, upgrades will be available through the software’s update feature.

There’s an easy way to buy Guitar SightReader Toolbox.  At $79.95 (USD) it’s actually cheaper that Guitar Freak Workstation (and I chuck in an extra license for free!).

You can buy licenses inside the software.  These can be activated for any computer, windows or mac.  You can also buy different bundles for different amounts of licenses, saving you money for the more licenses you need.  This means from right after downloading and installing, you can have your computer activated in 15 minutes!

You can also choose your personal email rather than what you’d use with just a paypal button.  You can choose either credit card or paypal to pay for it!

You can download the free manual from here.

Like you, I’m frustrated by the lack of guitar books, tools and software products that fail to deliver on their promises.

All these tools I’ve created are to save hours and hours of drawing chord diagrams, buying sheet music and books to train my ear and read music – not to mention  the thousands of dollars and time going to a jazz music school!  I’ve complied a software product and a lesson guide that I would use if I wanted to get good in the least amount of time.

I also have a background in Rock, played in different recording sessions in a number of styles and won several awards and contests as a guitar player, so I’ve included in the additional e-book “Guitar Virtuosity for the Everyday Man” the latest hot techniques – as well as fun and useful topics such as writing your own songs and learning music from the radio!


Guitar SightReader Toolbox is simply the ultimate guitar and bass (4, 5 and 6 string) practice tool.

  • New recording Device added to the metronome and progression trainer so you can record yourself playing and listen back objectively!
  • Try out all the features for 10 days with no strings attached!
  • Some new design and layout features
  • I’ve been using this version wth my students (rather than the last version) so I’m pleased to make it available to you!

Continually being updated with new features and free upgrades for every customer!

  • You will learn to Solo over chord progressions (you can create your own) and in any key (a feature that you can’t with even band in-a-box!)
  • Learn how to play every chord in 25 different positions and the choice of scales for that chord as they surround each shape
  • Use the over 10 different ear training tools to super charge your ear!

Relative pitch

Perfect Pitch

Ear Power Tools – recognize progressions and recall tempos using your own personal music library

  • A transcriber to help you slow down your music collection so you can work out hot licks.  It retains the original pitch and you can slow down and speed up 5% using hotkeys! You can record yourself to check how well you can capture the original track.
  • An ability trainer to help you record yourself, replay at half speed to check your technique and speed it up to set new goals (great for shredders!)
  • Learn to read music as easily as tablature – completely customizable options (which can saved) means you can set any rhythm (even 5’s), scale or key base, notes on the fret board, ties, chord symbols, chord notation everything to really help you read music (finally!)
  • See every possible position on the fret board of a shape you like – see how it morphs to fits the scale as you move it up and down the fret-board.  Play it in over 23 different sequences.
  • Use a better metronome than you ever known – features include bass note player for you to take all your chords and licks through 12 keys – a time splitter to hear how any number of notes will sounds over a beat or bar. You can even record yourself playing over the beat.
  • Save every graphic to the Workpage and create printouts with graphics and text for yourself. Save them for later reference.
  • You will see what a chord or scale or both look all over the fret board
  • You can create your own personal exams
  • Learn to recognize chords and scales by simply hearing them – every music school student needs this.
  • Video Lessons on Guitar and Bass for beginners, intermediate and extemely advanced!  Every style and the option to download files to get the most out of each lesson! 
  • Create a practice diary to get you to where you want to go.
  • Using quick chords, you’ll learn how to play EVERY chord ever in 25 positions for Guitar and 6 String Bass, 15 positions for 5 String Bass and 4 inversions for 4 string Bass.
  • Add any new chords or scales that you discover to Guitar SightReader Toobox.
  • Highly graphic interface makes learning and setting controls easy!
  • Friendly and personal customer support for each purchaser